Photo Jan 27, 8 33 49 PM Busting through your challenges.
Don’t fight it. Embrace it.

Physical and social challenges met Xerxes early and often. He learned not to run away but to embrace them as that is when one can truly ‘bust through’ them. Enjoy life and live for the challenge as that is how great character is built.

By taking small steps each day, you will climb mountains and run marathons.

“His expression of gratitude and attitude is simply captivating! Bravo Xerxes!” Craig Curreri

Photo May 04, 11 27 03 AM Embracing yourself through your authenticity.
Live with truth as your guide and your life will experience joy and freedom.

Learn how to stop suppressing your insecurities internally and externally and to begin to work toward an authentic life path. Understand the steps to finding your personal power.

Xerxes shares personal stories and poetry during this presentation that focus on discovering your true nature.

Photo Nov 07, 4 22 32 PM Turning your weaknesses into strengths.
Take pride in who you are and the enjoy the daily challenge of life.

As a child, Xerxes had to be helped onto the school bus by the driver. As of today, he has run five marathons and coaches tennis. Listen to how Xerxes went from a boy who could not even introduce himself to someone who now teaches over 200 6th graders every day.

Be inspired to identify your weaknesses and how to turn them into strengths.

“He will make laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh” Julie Hanna

Photo Jan 27, 8 35 29 PM Finding your inspiration.
Look for the simple pleasures in life. Find what inspires you. Use this to change your attitude and orientation toward yourself and enjoy life more fully.

Xerxes discusses what gets him going each and everyday, offering simple strategies that enrich even the most difficult or dull of days.


Photo Jan 29, 10 53 02 AM Accepting yourself and thus accepting others pays off in many ways.
As a teacher for 13 years, Xerxes recognizes the importance for students to learn to respect themselves so in turn they will show more love and respect for their peers. This behavior is relevant to all ages and ideally all situations and therefore should be nurtured.

Owning your life and your set of circumstances provides the foundation to achieve whatever and be whoever you want to be.