Xerxes Whitney “Busting Through”

Xerxes Whitney is dynamic speaker. “Xerxes is more than a motivational speaker, he is an inspirational human being. He believes so strongly in ideals that we all can relate to on a personal level and lives and speaks to them in an approachable and authentic way. You leave his talks compelled to go make a positive difference in your life and those you have the ability to affect. I know I did, and from the hundreds of testimonials I have heard since his visit, so did my students.”

Keith C Russell, Ph.D.
Professor and Coordinator, Recreation Degree Program
Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation
Western Washington University

Xerxes Whitney is a dynamic speaker. He will inspire a breakthrough in your audience’s attitude and passion with his authentic message.

Born with a mild form of cerebral palsy which affects muscle coordination, Xerxes has embraced his challenges and spiritedly encourages others to do so as well. He has a unique attitude which he applies to turning his ordeals into great opportunities.

Fifteen years ago he faced considerable resistance attaining his dream job as a college tennis coach and pledged to himself not to let prejudice and discrimination get in his way.

Looking for answers, Xerxes started writing and sharing his poetry about his internal and external challenges. And in 1999, Xerxes self-published his first book called “What’s Your Name?”

He discovered that the more he shared about his vulnerabilities, the more he gained a sense of control and power over his life. He was owning his circumstance and life started to blossom.

“He really knows how to connect with his audience – he was a hit!” Elaine McHugh

Xerxes was hired at Windsor Middle School in 2000 where he has taught physical education to more than 2,500 students. He spearheaded the building of a climbing wall at their gym and has been named Teacher of the Year and High School Tennis Coach of the Year in the Sonoma County League.

He is an avid runner who has completed five marathons.

Xerxes’ presentation is honest, funny, and engaging.

“Xerxes will touch your heart, your mind, your spirit and his words will take permanent residence there” Julie Hanna

List of Speaking Events:

  • 1993 UC Santa Cruz Graduation Commencement Speakerli
  • 1999 West Marin School Assembly Speaker
  • 1999 Petaluma High School Assembly Speaker
  • 2000 Sonoma State Teacher Credential Speaker
  • 2001 Cal Poly PEACH Breakout Speaker
  • 2002 Cal Poly PEACH Keynote Speaker
  • 2004 & 2005 California League of Middle Schools Speaker
  • 2004 Healdsburg Rotary Club
  • 2004 Benicia Middle School
  • 2005 Sebastopol Rotary Club
  • 2007 Book Release speaker Pallette Art Cafe Healdsburg, Ca
  • 2007 Book Release speaker Tobys Art Gallery Point Reyes, Ca
  • 2008 Sonoma State speaker Adapted PE Class
  • 2009 NICE Conference Keynote Speaker
  • 2010 Cal Poly PEACH Keynote Speaker
  • 2011 Environmental Traveling Companions Make a Ripple Fundraiser
  • 2011 California Human Development Keynote Speaker for annual fundraiser
  • 2012 National Adapted Physical Education Conference Keynote Speaker
  • 2013 Windsor & Healdsburg Rotary Clubs
  • 2013 Gargiste Tasting Room Being Authentic and Attitude of Gratitude