Speech Testimonials

Xerxes will have you hanging on his every word. He will make you laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh. He makes you want to be with him. To learn from him. Then, you want to be him.

He is a rare combination of poet, comedian, storyteller, philosopher and performance artist. His life is his material and an object lesson that makes us rethink our flawed assumptions about the world. He entertains us, while reminding us that the best of humanity is born out of deep struggle. His is a living example of the counterintuitive wisdom that what makes us vulnerable is also what makes us beautiful and the source our greatest power.

Xerxes will touch your heart, your mind, your spirit and his words will take up permanent residence there. If you’re like me, he will draw your best self out of you and inspire you to live from that place.

Julie Hanna , Chair of the Board, Kiva

I was blown away by Xerxes Whitney. He is a phenomenal person who has a remarkable story that gives hope and inspiration. The world needs more Xerxes, but unfortunately, I believe he is a one of a kind.

Tom Boylan, Past President Rotary Club of Windsor

Xerxes, I have attended numerous conferences and have heard many keynote speakers. Your speech at the National Adapted P.E. Conference this year was so inspirational and one of the best! Thanks for being such a great role model for our students. You remind us all to not ever let circumstances, events, or other people tell us we can’t do something. In addition, you are so funny and entertaining! What a great way to start the conference.

Thanks again, Debbie Gayaldo

Xerxes Whitney gave an inspirational talk to our outstanding group of business individuals this morning… His outlook on life is an absolute breath of fresh air. The candid and heartfelt message he brings motivates folks to live their dreams and bring life to the next level. After hearing all that he has accomplished using a disability as a “gift” to excel is extremely stimulating. His expression of gratitude and attitude is simply captivating! Bravo Xerxes!

Craig Curreri

Xerxes Whitney captured the audience of adapted physical educators with his wit and insight.  His core message about the importance of giving children with disabilities the chance to fall down, and thus the opportunity to stand up again on their own, reflected his own challenges and successes and resonated profoundly with these teachers.  His poems “What’s your name?” and “Busting Through” drew the audience in and effectively framed his experiences for the listeners. He really knows how to connect with his audience – he was a hit!

Elaine McHugh
Conference manager, Annual National Adapted Physical Education Conference, Rohnert Park

Xerxes Whitney has Physically & Mentally Achieved a higher level of life’s understanding that most only read about. A beautiful heart with a a genuinely positive mission & Vision

Brandon Hassur

Listening to Xerxes revived in me a wakefulness of the great responsibilities we have as parents and teachers -to teach children the sometimes hardest but most important lessons in life. Xerxes is able to touch the human spirit by eloquently connecting impressions from his own life experience to his artistic expression of poetry. With his ability to balance these two elements I was able to relate to, reflect on, and then apply the concepts to my own aims. For me, the life lesson of letting my child fail on his own is one of the hardest things to do as a parent, but it may be one of the most significant for future achievement. Truly grateful for the experience!

Matt Moratti

You were so amazing ….. Again. The world needs more Xerxes. Spread that awesomeness far and wide, my friend. That was a beautiful evening full of laughter, tears and pure joy at watching you in your element. We were the lucky ones. Everyone in that room. We were the ones that got to sit in awe of someone so special and strong that it just left us basking in your glow.

Tiffany Belize